Becoming a Full-fledged Lawyer

You may be interested to learn that passing the LSATs doesn’t make you a lawyer, neither does surviving law school. In fact, after all that additional study you still need to pass the ‘Bar Exam’ to practice your chosen field. Not to mention the fact that you need a license! Not as easy as you thought? Well, let’s read on to find out all there is to know about becoming a lawyer.


1. Pass the review and take the oath

These are two tasks that every law graduate needs to do before they can get their license. The applicant will be called in front of the Bar and must pass a moral and fitness review. The member gauge the graduates Ethic makeup by asking a series of questions regarding their criminal history and social conduct, among other things. Once they have passed this review, the applicants take an oath. It is legally binding, and they must uphold the sworn principles during their career.

2. The License

Once they have fulfilled all the requirements, a law graduate will receive their law license. This allows them to practice law, and will be given to them by their nation’s equivalent of the Supreme Court.

The license is also known as an ‘admission to practice law’. In certain jurisdictions, the lawyer must also maintain their ‘practicing certification’. Failing to do so means they can’t legally offer their services to the general public.

Becoming one of the property lawyers in Melbourne isn’t tricky, it just means fulfilling the legal requirements.  Remember, earning a Melbourne license may allow you to practice law in other Australian states.

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