Stationary Awnings – Protecting Your Home and Office

Awnings are roof covers used over the exterior of home, restaurants, offices and business organizations. The basic purpose of using an awning is to provide a shade for the people, but it is also used to display advertisements and provide business information. Awnings are usually placed on the doorways, windows and other uncovered areas to protect the house as well as the people from rain, sun rays and also from snow.

Awnings might be categorized to three different types.

 Which exactly are static awnings?

 The static awnings are long-lasting attached with a construction. Ordinarily a static awning is put about the window and it is created from the metal such as aluminum. The static awnings aren’t removable and thus can’t be corrected. The static or stationary awnings are by and large utilized to guard the inner in the destructive rays of this sunshine. Get more info about colorful awning (Also known as ” colorful กันสาด” in the Thai language) from the online sites.


 Broadway Awnings – Broadway awning can be actually a type of static Cable. It’s used to your own windows and also the entry. The Broadway awning is constructed from oil stuff. It’s employed either in places of work in addition to in domiciles. Such a stationary awning is not hard to put in, which can fade and humidity resistant.To ‘Know more about roof Services from known as Know more about หลังคา Services from in Thai language).

 Bostonian Awnings – Bostonian Awnings is just another easy but tasteful sort of awning utilized for its entry along with in-set windows. Ordinarily this variety is created from aluminum coated with oil stuff. This can be employed for both the residential and business functions.

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