Has McGregor-Mayweather turned into a weapons contest that will frequent UFC?

Jon Jones sat and sat tight from a remote place for as far back as more than two years while UFC's enormous cash time began without him. That is the reason, minor minutes after his ideal complete of Daniel Cormier on Saturday, Jones proceeded onward from the best execution of his vocation to the possibility of something — and somebody — bigger. 

"Brock Lesnar, in the event that you need to comprehend what it feels like to get your can kicked by a person who weighs 40lbs short of what you, meet me in the Octagon," Jones cried, in an announcement coordinated at the ace wrestling star and previous UFC heavyweight champion. 

Be that as it may, why Lesnar who, at 40 years old, is well past his prime? 

Jon Jones crushes Daniel Cormier to recover title, at that point gets out Brock Lesnar 

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With his old adversary Cormier in the back view reflect, Jones is embarking to catch the cash that Conor McGregor has figured out how to build from his UFC vocation. The Irishman's upset of attracting Floyd Mayweather and the UFC into an enormous enclosing exhibition August is amazing, and like never before his companions, yet a chosen few, need to invoke their own particular weighty paydays. 

"Conor McGregor has been a huge motivation to me," Jones said. "He has indicated me and the more elite class of the game that these immense paydays are conceivable. I never thought amid my opportunity as champion as a contender that I would see warriors making $7m or $8m in UFC, or the $100m that he's making on this Mayweather battle. It's been a motivation that he can do it. It resembles the main person to go to the moon, isn't that so? Presently everybody needs to go to the moon. That is the thing that McGregor has accomplished for me. In this way, better believe it, confronting a person like Lesnar, getting the world amped up for a MMA battle is what we're here for." 

Jones, Lesnar and the UFC are certain to profit by the course of action. In any case, does a session setting maybe blended hand to hand fighting's most prominent contender against a resigned heavyweight who stays subject to suspension from rivalry for a half year upon his arrival satisfy the mission that game has long laid out for us? 

In the event that Jones is prepared to make the climb from light heavyweight, why not go up against the champion above him? Stipe Miocic is ready to build up the UFC record for heavyweight title safeguards, and a challenge between the two champions would without a doubt do strong business while protecting the idea that battles in the Octagon mean something more than cash. 

Maybe that is on account of while McGregor has been a fabulous daring person amid his ascent to superstardom, Jones, for all his heedless choices far from the pen, puts on a show of being hazard disinclined. That may appear an odd appraisal of a man willing to remain in a bolted confine with Lesnar, yet regardless it stands. 

"A great many people don't generally know who Miocic is, all regard to him. So in case I will give up being the littler person, I think elaborately Brock would be a battle that clears a path more sense, and the payday would be gigantic," said Jones this end of the week. "What it would accomplish for our game would be huge. Significantly more prominent effect. So for some reasons a Brock Lesnar battle just sounds good to me." 

There's the rub. Do cash battles between untouched greats and unequaled artists grow battle games, or sentence them to an irredeemable descending direction? To what extent fans acknowledge one-off issues like Mayweather-McGregor or Lesnar-Jones (which would, at any rate, be under MMA leads as opposed to those of boxing) without taking it out on the more extensive universe of battle sports stays to be seen. 

UFC president Dana White said that Saturday's rematch amongst Cormier and Jones, which topped a stellar UFC 214 that included welterweight champion Tyron Woodley's most recent barrier and also the delegated of long-term ladies' star Cris "Cyborg" Justino at 145 pounds, was drifting past the 1m purchase check on pay-per-see. Be that as it may, figures like that aren't normal, and it can drive the hands of promoters and warriors to fabricate enormous occasions out of nowhere instead of contribute an opportunity to construct challenges with true blue interest. 

Meanwhile, if moving to heavyweight to challenge Miocic is too high a slope to move for the man who needs to be known as the best ever, Jones might be left to wipe up a weight class he has just put his stamp on. Holding up in the light heavyweight wings is Sweden's Alexander Gustafsson, who gave Jones the most troublesome trial of his profession in 2013, or Switzerland's Volkan Oezdemir, who pressed British light heavyweight Jimi Manuwa to open the compensation per-see part of Saturday's UFC 214 card.

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