Position and Aggression Wins While Playing Blindfolded

It’s the best known fact to the world that the best player are more aggressive than the average player. The best player take benefit of table position relative to the button. The best player knows that position is more important than the cards you have. They know the fact that very few pots end up going to a show down of cards. You must remember that your sitting position vs other player’s position relative to the button has got more value than your starting hand.  For more details, click here.

Let’s try an experiment. Play a low limit 3 to 5 table sit n go tournament blindfolded. Now that you cannot see your complete cards, put a post it note over the area of the display screen which shows your cards and commit yourself to not taking a peek. So, why am I telling you to do so? It will force you see the opportunities you may have been missing. You need to put a close eye on your opponents. The only thing you will be having is how usual someone open up a pot. How much they stake. Use only this information and your relative position to make your decision on how you will play your hand. Because you cannot see your cards you will have to look for the spots like this and shove all in.

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