Making M2M Data Actionable

The aim of an M2M solution is automating the flow of data which is relevant to the systems and people that have a need to doing and know it in a timely manner. This big amount of data is of no use by itself. The software application unlocks the actionable information hidden within this amount of data.

Most of the m2m solution providers like have a web enables interface for basic interpretation and viewing of the m2m data being gathered. For a planned small deployment or a pilot project, this can be a very attractive option since it is immediately available as well as operational at a low cost.

The m2m solution’s data can be stored internally by using the company’s IT infrastructure. This data can also be stored by a third party in a network operations center. It’s not impossible for m2m solution to start as hosted model then migrate over to the company’s existing IT structure after the solution is operational.

If the data being received by an m2m solution is of small amount then it is easy for one humans to validate data from the field. However, once the large scale roll out carry on to provide a stream of raw data, humans can no longer perform the task of validation.

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