Hanging Picture Frames – What You Need to Know

First let’s speak about the different ways you can hang your picture frame. There’s basic ways with which to do this: screws, nails, or adhesives.

Once you have the pics framed, you are prepared for the fun of getting your pics up on the wall. Hanging pics is not hard but it does need a few steps to be done beforehand, like ensuring the frame has hardware on it and that you have a nice suggestion of where you need to hang it. Then all you need to do is select the way you need to hang it and get it done.

Hanging picture frames with finishing nails is an excellent choice since the nails are simple to put in and are small so that they don’t generate large holes on your wall. You need to hammer the nail in to your wall at a 45 degree angle and if feasible put them in to a stud in the wall. If you are hanging large or slightly heavy frames you need to hammer the nails in to a wall stud otherwise your picture frames will fall. If you are uncertain how to locate a wall stud, you can purchase an cheap ‘wall stud finder’ at your local ironmongery shop (or you can always tap on the wall until it sounds solid). For more help you can also search http://www.arttoframe.com/5-Openings-Collage-Picture-Frame on the internet.



Hanging wall frames with screws can make larger holes and ought to only be thought about, for the most part, when you are hanging frames to concrete, stone or brick walls. In this case, you would need to pre-drill a hole in the rock wall using a “mason” drill bit that is the correct size for the screw. You’ll also need to make use of a screw anchor so that it is properly secured. For more help you can also search https://www.greenvelope.com/wedding-invitations on the internet.


A hanging wall frame may even be secured by the third method: adhesive. Adhesives are gaining popularity fast since there is no need to put holes in the wall. 3M’s Command Strip is popular brand used for hanging picture frames and they come in the type of Velcro or hooks. These adhesive items are only designed to hang smaller pics, but some can hold up to five lbs. Carefully read the instructions so you know if your picture frame is heavy. In the event you try hanging picture frames that are heavy, you’ll risk damaging the picture frame.

Now that you have decided which method is best for hanging wall frames in your home, now you need to pick where they ought to go.

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