Why Gmail and Not Yahoo! Mail

When we talk about Gmail and Yahoo! Mail, we should know that though the two are different email service providers, they still have some points of similarities. Let us look at the similarities between the two email service providers. Firstly, they both offer inbox, draft, sent, and all the great features of a fast loading interface. Secondly, both of the email service providers now offer some social chat and online friends report which enable people to communicate and get responses at the spot. Thirdly, the two systems both display adverts on their pages in other to cover the cost of the free email service they render to the public; managing servers, managing spam filter, storing media, archiving data, updates, and every other things they need in order to have a successful email hosting program.

Both Gmail and Yahoo! Mail take care of spam (such as deshedding tools for dogs), although, the way they do this differ. The former does not allow it to come to your inbox at all so you don’t see it and the latter has a different folder where the spam mails are kept, this way, it would not be mixed up with your email and you can delete the spam even before reading them.

If we decide to look at the speed and reliability of the two email service provider, gmail.com may have the upper hand over yahoomail.com. The former sometimes malfunction as a result of Google crashing or hanging although it is usually as a result of poor local network connectivity. The latter is fairly stable but it crashes more often and in addition to this shortcoming, you sometimes get incompatibility messages when you are using different browser and screen resolutions. Gmail presents a faster and cleaner loading interface due to the large number of data centers owned by Google, this is not the same with Yahoo! Mail

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